Thursday, November 29, 2007


Good evening! Mom was talking to Aunt Kerry...and it seems we had a great family shot floating around!!! Look at Daddy, Momma and Me! We were all decked out for Aunt Kerry and Uncle Jamie's wedding. Dad broke out the suit and Momma wore this pretty dress that Grammy made for her. I have my very first party dress on. We're a pretty good looking family, huh?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This weekend I turned 9 months old. It's hard to believe I'm this old already. I'll be driving before we all know it. Anyone want to start giving me lessons?!?! I'm a quick learner!

I went to the doctors today. I weighed 18.2 pounds and I am 27 inches long. Doctor Yoon says I am in the 25 percentile for weight and the 15th for height. Today I discovered that I love broccoli! Who would have thought?
Here are my teeth. So far, I have 2 and a half.
These are my tootsies. They are pretty busy all day, so Mom gives them a good rub every night after I get out of the tub.


This is Mommy and Daddy...they were talking about the trip home. Come on you wasn't THAT bad, was it? Here we are! Back in one piece!
All cleaned up and ready for bed! It was a long weekend!


Check it out! This was the day after Turkey Day! We had a snowfall! Everything turned white and pretty...OH AND COLD! It snowed the day I was born this I got to see my 2nd snowfall! I liked it both times. I'm ready to build a snowman! Maybe next year. I hope it snows in Japan! These pretty flowers were growing in Grammys backyard.
Daddy, Kalyn and Mason were outside playing! Look at the snow come down...
Puppers was trying to catch snowflakes with his tongue. I told him to put that big thing away so we could get at least a little bit of accumulation!


Here we are! Grammy, Daddy and Lil' Ol' ME!
Grammy loves her Grandbabies! She gives us tons and tons of cuddles!


Alrighty, just sit back and listen to my story. This past weekend I took my very first road trip. It sure is nice to stretch out...whoever made my car seat a. never sat in one and b. never EVER sat in one. Mom and Dad waited until I fell asleep and stuck me in there. One minute I was in Great Mills and the next I was in Rochester! They drove through the night and we arrived EARLY Thanksgiving morning.
Here is the only picture Mommy could get with all the ORIGINAL Middeker's in it. They were checking on the turkey. Mom says it was the juiciest turkey she's ever had. YUM!
This is Mom and Me on Thanksgiving! I had my fork ready...I was ready to chow down!
This is Auntie Kerry and Cousin Karin. They were having a photo shoot. Aren't they pretty!?!?
Here is Auntie Monica and Cousin Kalyn. Their smiles are contagious!

Mommy fed me some good stuff! I had potatoes, cranberry sauce, celery, and bunch of other goodies. My Grammy is such a great cook!

Here I am the morning after Turkey Day! Grammy got me these GREAT jammies. They kept me toasty warm! I'm laughing because Grammy told me a funny joke....she is so a riot!

This is my SUPER cool new toy! Grammy got it for me and I just love it. There are tons of things to play with and the best part I can walk behind it and push it around the house!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Momma got her hair cut today. I think it looks really pretty. What do you think?


This morning we broke out an outfit that was WAY in the back of the closet. It said it was 12 months. It's a little big...but I still look super cute in it! I just love my new shoes! They are nice and flashy.

Here's a close up! I was walking along the couch. It's my new favorite thing to do! Sometimes I let go...Momma says I'm getting brave!

If you look REALLY can see my NEW ADDITION! Tooth number 3.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Shusha sent this SUPER cute apron. I am officially a Chef! I can whip up anything you'd like. Just come on by and I'll throw something together for ya! You name it and I'll make it!


Mom and Dad went shopping for a new camera and this is what they came back to. Pop Pop played a trick on me. I was playing...minding my own business and THEN he started patting my back....that's all I remember. Pat, pat, pat....

I have these pictures to prove he tuckered me right out! I've been sleeping ever since.


Pop Pop came to visit us this weekend! We've been doing lots of fun stuff. We went out to eat a few times, played TONS, and had lots of hugs and kisses. He says I'm his number one girl!
We went to dog training this morning. We sat in the car because it was pretty chilly! Daddy and Mason braved the cold weather....but Mommy, Pop Pop and I were wimpy and stayed in the warm car!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Hey Everyone! Happy Sunday to ya! Today Daddy had to leave SUPER early to go on duty :( We don't like it when he has duty because the house is too quiet without him. So this morning we played a little and laughed a little....but we still miss Daddy.

To the left is my new way of smiling. Momma really gets a kick out of it. I love scrunching up my nose! Aren't I cute?

This is my shoe box. I didn't realize quite how much fun shoe boxes were until I got a few. I like to put my toys in them and dump them ALL out. I'll tell you what, I'd REALLY like to chew on it...but Momma says its not a great idea. So I do it when she's not looking.
Here I am washing the dishes. Momma said it's never too early to learn how to keep a clean house! She keeps the big kitchen clean and I'll keep the little one spick and span!
Thanks for visiting! It was wonderful to have you! Please come again soon.

Kady Mae Big Girl

Thursday, November 1, 2007


So, today the UPS guy came. We got this HUGE box. Inside it was a Learning Kitchen! There is so much to do! The box was WAY big. WAY bigger than me!
At first I thought this was my toy. It had pretty colors and was all shiny.
Silly me! Here is my new Kitchen! Daddy put it together for me. He puts together all my toys. If Mom does it, they'd fall apart. Trust me.
Here is the back. I have a pretty flower, alarm clock, book, fish tank and a radio!
In the front is a stove, refrigerator, sink, toaster and nightlight! I love opening and closing the doors. Endless fun!


While Mommy and Shusha were eating their Hibachi Auntie Nikki shared her Sushi with me! It was pretty yummy! I figured I have to get used to it....they have A LOT of sushi in Japan! Here are my Chop Sticks.
Here I am holding my California Roll.
Thanks Auntie Nikki for sharing your sushi with me.


Yeah! Happy Halloween! What a great holiday it is. We get to dress up in these great costumes and eat TONS of candy! We had so much fun Trick or Treating all over moms Navy base. Everyone there is so nice!Here I am chopping on a cool Halloween Straw!
This is Shusha and me. She helped carry me 'cause Momma has a bum foot.
This is Momma and Shusha. Momma took us to Hibachi. It's super cool...they cook the food right in front of you!
This is my costume. I am Kady Bug the Lady Bug.
Here is Momma and Me.