Saturday, August 8, 2009


Finally some nice weather! We picked up some pool toys and headed out. We went on base to the pool. It's really nice because they have a little swimming pool that is just my size!They have little spouts of water...they tickled my feet. They even had a big frog that kept spitting on me!
Look, I can swim!!! Well, float....the water was only 9 inches deep.
Care to come for a swim!?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dress up with Shusha

We played dress up at Shusha's house this morning. This is Mommy's First Holy Communion Dress! This was by far my favorite. I kept twirling around and around! Don't I look pretty!?
This is a Holloween Costume from Auntie Bonni.
(Mommy thinks I look like my cousin, Julia in this picture)
I make scary look GOOD!
I have spider webs on my arms!!
Here is my Lady Bug costume!
Shusha loved this one because she calls me
Kady Bug the Lady Bug!
Here is the last one. I am a pretty, pretty princess!
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I just love building houses!Of all shapes and sizes!And then I provide entertainment when I'm through....

...after all, who wants to clean up!?