Saturday, July 11, 2009


Daddy told me to go to the store and pick out ANYTHING I wanted. I picked out a few things and one of them are these really neat Golf Clubs! I was so excited to get them out of the store so we could open them up! Mommy opened them as soon as we got in the car.
The second we got home I dug right in. I figured it out right away. Hit the ball in the hole...sounds easy right?! Wrong, I was using phrases like; "This is so hard" and "Oh Man!" and "Ooops, I missed".
I'll keep practicing and pretty soon, I will get holes in ONE!


We go up, we got dressed, we went to the bank!
Navy Federal has a cool machine that counts your pennies for you!
FOR FREE!Shusha puts all her hard earned money (change :) in a jar for me and when it gets filled to the top, we bring it to the bank and put it in my savings account!

Save your pennies, your dollars will take care of themselves!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


We went to the Beardsley Zoo this weekend and boy did I have fun!
Shusha makes a mighty beautiful PEACOCK!
She let me throw a few pennies in the wishing well! Carousal rides deserve a THUMBS UP!We ended the visit by..........


4th of July Weekend Weather

We had such wonderful weekend weather, I grabbed my sunhat, shades, and Maggie and went for a walk.We sat down in the shade to relax.......and talk about how well we've been getting along....I gave her a few pats for being so well behaved.
She really 'is a good dog'....that's what Shusha says.
Once the wind picked up...we were outta there!