Sunday, January 13, 2008


Happy Football Sunday everyone!
This is what Momma walked in on after her REALLY LONG trip to Wal-mart. Dad and I decided to watch the Colts vs. Chargers. Although the game was pretty exciting...Dad didn't get the outcome he was hoping for. But we rooted on the Colts anyway! Whoo-hooo! Dad is teaching me how to root for his favorite team. He says I should hold my hands up and yell WOOO-HOOO GO BLUE!
Dad and I were talking team strategy.
We were biting our nails! It was down to the wire...but our team didn't pull through :( Good thing the Giants won though! We're down, but not out!
I loved spending the day with my Dad.
It just couldn't get any better than my sippy cup and an endless supply of Cheerios!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Hey there! Thanks for coming by. I have been wanting to show you how well I am getting around these days. Crawling was so 2 months ago. I've been coasting around using chairs, walls, toys, people :) Anywhere I go, I prefer to walk. Well, I take that back...I crawl up the stairs. I don't know why Mom freaks out when I do it....I think its fun! She says that's why shes moved me to a GATED COMMUNITY! Here I am walking, using the couch. I am headed to the doggy water bowl. Splish Splash!
It grosses Mom out...Dad thinks its funny. Back to the GATED COMMUNITY THEORY.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU ARE THE CUTEST KID IN THE WORLD!!!! OK, OK, I don't want to argue. I'm be the cutest kid in the world.
Come back soon!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


When Shusha came for Christmas, she gave me My First Ear Hat from Disney World. Now, now...I'm not crying because I GOT my hat...I am crying because Great Aunt Elena went to Disney World and got them WITHOUT ME! That's right, she and Great Uncle Ronny went to see Mickey without they had lunch at his house and everything!
I'm pretty torn up about it. If you look real close, I even got the water works going. Don't worry ya'll...I'll get there someday!
In the meantime, I'll get my Mickey Ears ready for my big visit.
(just kidding...I was WAY past my nap and I didn't want these things on my head)