Thursday, March 27, 2008


I learned something important from my Daddy. He said the best way to leave room for dessert is to eat it first! Mommy bought some cheese cake (with yummy strawberry topping) for Easter. The other day they gave me a tiny sliver. It was good stuff! Here is a view of my dessert from my angle.
What? I can't hear you. I have cheesecake in my ear....and up my nose!
Man, this stuff is GREAT!
I'm a mess! Tubby time!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter!
This morning Mommy and Daddy woke me up (yeah right, I woke them up :) and told me I had a visit from the Easter Bunny. He left me some of these really cool and colorful eggs. They are all different colors. Mom said that the Easter Bunny stayed up ALL night coloring them especially for me! What a guy!
The Easter Bunny left me these cool gifts! I got a Dora chair, jelly beans, Mega Legos, a CD with my favorite songs, and a recorder!This is the basket from my Nina. She had it especially made with my name on it!
Here I am playing with all my new stuff! This is my recorder. It didn't take long at all for me to figure it out. I was making lovely music for my family!These are my Easter Eggs. They had jelly beans inside of them. I loved to shake them and hear the cool sounds they made.
Daddy made us breakfast. We had eggs, bacon and my favorite PANCAKES! YUMM!!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Every night we cook dinner. Every night we end up in the kitchen waiting for dinner to be cooked! Sure we have couches, love seats and chairs...but who needs them when you have a comfy dog named Mason and a nice cushy Mommy!
This is Mommy, Mason and Me! I already had my dinner and bath, but I helped Mommy wait for her dinner to be ready. Dad helped us wait too! I think Mason was waiting for the leftovers!
I learned how to give kisses. NICE BIG WET KISSES! I give them out for I have any takers?
Just in case anyone was eyes are still blue :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

What my Parents have to look forward to.........

This post is is a conversation between my Mommy and her old friend....lets see, how about we call him, STO. (This is a true story. Names have been withheld to protect the pride of the innocent. )


Mommy: Kady will be a year on Sunday. A WHOLE YEAR. Where the hell does the time go? Pretty soon she's going to tell me that my outfit isn't hip enough and asking for the keys to the car.

STO: Yeah...I lost all of my cool points years ago. Be careful with the car keys. My youngest drove the F-150 through the house and into the bathroom when she had her driver's permit. $8K in damage and 10 years off my life as I sat helpless in the passenger seat. 15 minutes after getting her driver's license she got hit by a lady who failed to yield. Fortunately nobody was hurt in either event. She still contends that she is a good driver...but has bad luck. USAA doesn't think so.

Mommy: Do you mind if I blog that last message? I can't stop laughing.

STO: She was backing the truck out of the garage and got a little crooked so I told her to pull ahead and straighten the truck out. She pulled ahead, looked over her shoulder, and as I started to say "don't forget to put it in reverse" she stepped on the gas. The truck went forward and hit the back wall of the garage. This caused her to panic and push down harder on the gas pedal causing all 300 ponies in that big 5.7 liter engine to kick in and launch us through the wall and into the bathroom. The really scary part is that my wife was on her way into the bathroom as the truck went past her and arrived in the bathroom just before her. I regret that I did not take pictures of the truck embedded in the house. I was too shaken at that point to think of it. My daughters biggest regret is that the teenage neighbor witnessed it and told everyone at their high school. The insurance adjuster told us he gets two or three cars/trucks through the garage wall or door a month. Feel free to blog my story...maybe someone else will learn from our experience or at least get a good laugh!

I hope that made your day, like it made ours!

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Bedtime Story with Dad

Tonight Mommy had some last minute things to do before she put me to bed, so I asked Daddy to read me a bedtime story. He read me The Little Mermaid. Well, I got to about page three and I zonked out! I'll ask Daddy tomorrow to pick off where I left off. It was really interesting! Does Ariel get her land legs? Does she stay a mermaid forever?! I don't know! Tune in and we'll find out! Daddy was just too comfy! I couldn't keep my little eyes open!