Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This is Nicholas! He is my Mommy's cousin. So that makes him my SECOND cousin. Family is family, I say! No matter how many cousins there are down the line...we are all linked together! This is Nicholas and Poppy. He is visiting us from Florida....he is our very own SNOWBIRD :)
We didn't get any pictures of Nina because she was getting ready to go out. When we see her this weekend, we'll get a lot of great shots of her....PROMISE!
Here is a nice family shot.
While they were taking family photos, my Great Uncle Lenny and I were taking time to smell the flowers. He was sniffing and I was blowing on them.
I decided to read them a few books. They were a captivated audience. How lucky am I?!


Mom decided to try a different mode of transportation. We have driven all over the Eastern Seaboard, flown from here to Alaska (OK, not that far...but far enough!). This time we took the train! We traveled using Amtrak. Boy, this is the way to go!!! We weren't restricted to our seats and we didn't have to use those stinking seat belts. I had plenty of room to run up and down the aisles and wave to all the passengers. I had so much fun, I was tuckered out. So tuckered out, I missed half the trip!Here is a picture out the window. Everything flies by so fast!