Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Kady:  Mommy I need to LELAX.
Mommy:  How come? 
Kady:  I had a long day.
Mommy: At school?
Kady:  I didn't get to LELAX before school so I need to now.  Can you move? I can't see the TV.


Don't put ice in my drink EVER again.

Kady's Self Portrait

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spring is in the air for Kady Mae and Zion....

Fall is in the air for everyone else.....

My Visit to The Beardsley Zoo

Here is my cousin Nick.  He spends a lot of time at the Zoo because he volunteers and is one day going to become a ZOOKEEPER!  How many zookeepers do you know?!

Shusha and I stopped to check out the wolves.

The zoo has the coolest viewing station...it lets you get nice and close!

How is this for close!?  We got to live like the prarie dogs.

Shusha and I have the greatest time together!

I bet you thought this alligator was real, didn't ya!?

I stopped to check out the turtles.  They were basking in the sun...and Mom snapped a pic.

My brothers and I got to take a ride on the carousel.

Jonathan thought it was the best!
One last picture on the ride.  Can't wait to go again!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beautiful day for the PARK!

These are two of my girlfriends!  Ava and Ella...they love to swing just like me!
Here we all are! Swinging away!
One, Two, Three, pretty girls!
We had so much fun this afternoon!  Next week...we're going to the BOUNCE BARN!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I had a super busy day today!

I started the day nice and early.  Jonathan and I were catching up on Dora.
Then we took in the sites at the Stevenson Dam!
We stopped and fed the ducks.
We visited with VuVu.  We brought him lunch and clean clothes.  I helped button his shirts.
Then we stopped at this cool fountain and I threw rocks in it.
Checked out the fire truck.  Mommy said I could go in it, but this is as close as I'd get.
After a play date with my cousins and dinner...I couldn't take much more excitement.

Looks like Kady replaced her brothers....

Goshen Fair

Whats the best part of September?!  All the Fairs...we went to the Goshen Fair this past weekend.  They had all sorts of farm animals.  I really liked this rooster!
Check out these pumpkins!  They weighed over 1,000 pounds...each!
The sheep were so friendly!
This one let my friend Zion and me pet him!
The best part of the day was the horse rides.  I talked about it the whole ride home.  I even asked for a pony!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I decided that it was time to move on from Soccer and try something else.  I was watching Gymnastics on TV one day and told Mommy that when I got bigger, that I would be on TV doing the same thing.  So, I asked if I could be signed up for gymnastics. 
First we start with stretches!
Then we jump on the trampoline into the foam pit!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Toys, I play with them the way I want to!

Mom went creeping in my room while I was at school and this is what she found!  I left my dragon all tucked in.  He had to keep my bed safe!
I may not be into dolls, but I sure love cars!

A- Is for Apron

It was early, I didn't want my picture taken.
Well, that didn't take long. 
Since I am in preschool now, I get to bring things for show and tell!  This week we are working on the LETTER A.  My teachers told me I can bring anything I wanted to that began with the LETTER A.  I picked this nifty APRON that my Grammy made for me....A IS FOR APRON!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not shy today!

For those who know me, I don't like my picture taken.  I know, its crazy, I have all these great pics on my blog, but I don't like my picture taken.  But this morning!!!  I asked for one!!!  How do you think it turned out.  I love my brothers and by the looks of it, they love me too!